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Travel with Thalys, drive with Europcar,
and enjoy numerous advantages
in Belgium, France, the Netherlands and Germany.

10% discount

When you book via this site you automatically benefit from a special 10% discount on all your car rentals in countries served by Thalys, whatever the length of the rental period and whenever you decide to make your reservation.

How to make a reservation? Nothing simpler!

  • Select your country of residence and your destination.
  • Our system will then offer you a choice of vehicles at our best rates.
  • Once you have made your choice you can then confirm your booking either by choosing to pay online (credit card) or when you pick up your vehicle from the selected rental station.

    During the booking process you will be able to cancel or amend your parameters at any time.

    Note: Don't forget to present your proof of travel with Thalys to our representative when you pick up your vehicle!

Drive and make savings with Europcar

Whether a city trip, holiday, unexpected visit to one of the countries served by Thalys .... Hire your car with Europcar and as a Thalys passenger benefit from reductions and special offers on your rental price. You will also get the opportunity to try out new models in our fleet and chance your luck in our regular competitions.

Holiday in complete freedom

Make the most of a 10% reduction on your hire car to explore Provence at your leisure. And to make life even easier for you, there's a Europcar office in each station served by Thalys trains: Valence TGV, Aix-en-Provence TGV, Avignon TGV and Marseille-Saint-Charles.

Book now using the reservation form above to automatically get your 10% discount.

Or by telephone, giving the code 41901114.

ThalysDrive: An exclusive €49 rate for a five-hour rental

Want to get out of the city for an afternoon? Need a vehicle for a few hours? Take advantage of our five-hour rental for just €49.
Offer available for many Thalys destinations: Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Antwerp, Brussels, Liège, Aachen, Cologne, Duisburg, Düsseldorf, Essen and Paris.

Make a reservation now. Mention code 44313086 when booking by telephone.

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Some tips for ultra eco-friendly driving

  • Tip No. 1
    Optimise fuel efficiency (change up before 2000 rpm to prevent over-revving the engine and change down at 1000 rpm to prevent under-revving).
  • Tip No. 2
    Drive smoothly (keep an eye on traffic around you, respect braking distances, avoid accelerating sharply).
  • Tip No. 3
    Switch off the engine when you have to stop for a while (e.g. at a level crossing).
  • Tip No. 4
    Pull away without using the accelerator.
  • Tip No. 5
    Only use the air-conditioning (and all electrical equipment in general, such as the rear defroster) when it's really necessary.
  • Tip No. 6
    Respect speed limits (and especially when they are restricted on peak pollution days).
  • Tip No. 7
    Avoid wind resistance whenever possible (loads on the roof, open windows, etc.).
  • Tip No. 8
    Check your tyre pressure regularly.
  • Tip No. 9
    Choose a vehicle suited to your needs (easy to do at Europcar, check out our EuropcarClub options).
  • Tip No. 10
    Don't throw anything out of the windows (and don't let your passengers do so). Europcar reminds its customers that all its cars are non-smoking.

Conditions: Applicable on public prices in Germany, Belgium and the Netherlands. Europcar rates include all mandatory charges without additional costs. These rates include: tax, vehicle damage (CDW) and theft (TW) waivers limiting maximum liability to the non-refundable excess amount, vehicle registration fee, local tax, medical and technical assistance 24h/24 and 7d/7. Mileage is generally unlimited except in the case of certain countries or certain products to which limited mileage may apply. Please refer to the pricing terms during the booking process. Applicable to the rate on day of hire in France including 250 km, vehicle damage (CDW) and theft (TW) with maximum liability limited to the non-refundable excess amount, vehicle registration fee, local tax, medical and technical assistance 24h/24 et 7d/7. May not be used in conjunction with any other offer or promotion. Valid depending on availability of touring vehicles (excludes the Prestige fleet; Fun and Commercial vehicles). Offer only valid on presentation of proof of Thalys travel.

Click here for T&Cs of Hire for Europcar, Insurance and Protection policy & Insurance details, Damage Process, Deposit Policy, Corporate countries Terms and conditions